· Barrel Wash Examination

· Firearm(s) or part(s) thereof/manufacturing tool(s)

· Serviceability/working condition of firearms

· Firearms, prone to accidental discharge

· Firearm for type, make and model

· Firearm, whether its part(s) tempered with

· Restoration of erased markings on firearm(s)

· Ammunition or parts thereof/ manufacturing tools

· Identification of ammunition/parts thereof for type, make and calibre

· Identification of bullet/slug/parts thereof

· Identification of shots and pellets

· Identification of wad/wad pieces

· Identification of propellant charge

· Linkage of fired/misfired cartridge

· Linkage of fired bullet/bullet fragments with unrifled firearm

· Bullet/pellets/wads whether fired or not

· Examination of target(s) involved in shooting

· Measurement of wound ballistic parameters

· Chemical tests for ammunition and firearm discharge residue

· Test firing

· Test specimen